A Little About Me

Hi! I’m Andi. Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to chat with me. If you were here I would give your neck a big hug and grab you a refreshing drink. I would invite you into my living room, or better yet to relax in my back yard! I hope you feel just as comfortable on the other side of this screen.

I am married to my college sweetheart, Brad. He is the most supportive guy I know and he {almost} never questions my crazy ideas. We have five squishers: Bookworm, Gypsy, Monster, Engineer and Bean.  I am a creative, crunchy, green living, homeschooling mum. Frugal is one word to describe me. If I can make it, I will! But the OCD researcher in me will go overboard on finding the best way to make said item I could have just picked up and saved myself 1,000,000 hours. No, I never exaggerate. Why do you ask?!

I find such joy in creating beauty. In 2008 I started Andi Gould Designs. Crocheted newborn cocoon wraps and hats filled my shop the first few years. I took over a year off from selling, but am thrilled to call myself entrepreneur once again. 

When I’m not crafting, whipping up my own cloth diapers, or baking a batch of yeast dinner rolls, you can find me organizing and reorganizing a closet, drawer or cupboard. I have been told time and time again, “Andi, you should write a book!” I always laugh and think to myself what on earth would I write about? One day I may tackle that project. Until then I will write here about this God-given, natural ability to look at a pile of stuff and make it fit on a shelf or in a box in a Tetris like manner, while still being practical to access. 

In everything I do I try to remind myself Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I take this life one day at a time.