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31 Days to a Family Closet: 30 Minute Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep was a TV show that aired on TLC several years ago. The crew would come and help a homeowner clean up a room in their home. Everything would be taken out of the room and laid out on tarps in the yard and the homeowner had 30 minutes to go through all of the items designating them to one of three categories: keep, sell or toss. Peter Walsh was one of the organizer experts on the show and my favorite to watch. He not only helped the homeowner clear out a cluttered space, he also helped them work through their attachment to these items that were taking over their space. Since the show no longer exists and Peter Walsh is busy with other projects, let me be your Peter today. ;)

I don't want you to drag your entire wardrobe contents to your front yard but I do want you to find 30 minutes and two boxes or bags. Label one "donate" and the other "toss." I always have good intentions on having a yard sale or listing items on a swap board but when I am serious with myself I know I don't have time for that and the "sell" boxes sit untouched continuing to take up precious space in my home. Find a charity you can support and donate your items. You will have more space in your home and bless someone else with your donation!

Head to your current closet and start grabbing items that you haven't touched in the past, let's say 6 months. Often a 3 or 6 month guide is suggested but that doesn't always work. I want you to find your time frame and start filling your boxes. I have been in one of those in-between wardrobe stages for the past eight years. Maternity clothes have battled my "one day I can wear you again" clothes for prime real estate in my closet. You might be in a similar situation so it is okay to come up with your own guide.

Let's keep being honest with ourselves and commit to rid our shelves and drawers of the I-purchased-you-three-years-ago-and-have-yet-to-wear-you sweaters. The pants you loved pre-children and are so close to fitting back into, they need to go. While you can fit them once again they won't fit you anymore. You are a different person today than the girl that wore those jeans eight years ago. Life, death, celebrations, milestones and dreams-come-true have happened since you last slid into those comfy threads. Take the step to say goodbye and embrace the new you, put them in the box!

Yes, I'm talking to myself. {It happens, a lot!} But I'm also talking to you. I know you have something in your possession that is hard to let go of today. What is keeping you from saying goodbye? The memories that are woven into your shirt or jacket will not vanish with the donation or garbage pick up. Those memories belong to you. They have been woven into your heart. The memory may fade ever so slightly without the visual reminder of your boots that danced across the floor on your son's first day of school. I assure you every fall that memory will resonate with you as you watch excited faces start their own education. You are cleaning out the clutter of your closet to free up space and allow new memories to be made.

Set your timer for 20 minutes. Fill those boxes as fast as possible. When your timer beeps set it again for another 10 minutes and push yourself to finish looking through the rest of your closet. I don't want you to stop and try anything on during the 30 minutes. Deep down you know whether or not you will ever wear that dress again. Add it to the growing collection in your boxes and take joy knowing another will twirl with her own little girl while wearing it soon.

Time is up. Find your organization and set up your appointment to donate your box. Breathe deep knowing you just freed yourself from the weight of that clutter! ((big hugs)) I'm proud of you!!! So tell me, how many boxes or bags did you just clear out?

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  1. YAY, Andi! I made progress today! Thanks for this!


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