Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Days of Helping Other Bloggers: Static Pages

Static pages are not new to Blogger, but until earlier this year I had not utilized them at all. Are you using static pages on your site? Let's create a professional static page today.

What is a static page? 

A Nest Full of Squishers about static page

Static pages allow you to create specific pages like About Me, Contact page, Copyright Policy, etc.as stand alone pages that are linked with your site.

Today we will select "Pages" from your blogger dashboard.
create static pages on your blog

Selecting "Pages" will take you to your menu for your pages.
create static pages on your blog

Clicking on "Blank page" will bring you to a composing page similar to a regular post. The biggest difference in appearance is the options on the far right.
create static pages on your blog

For an About Me page you may not want reader comments. This option is easily removed by ticking the don't allow comments setting. 

When you are finished with your page don't forget to save your work. Back in your pages menu you can view your About Me page to easily find the URL. You can now make your profile image a clickable link taking readers to your About Me page like I have done in my header. Go ahead, give my photo a click. :)

I'm linking up with the Nester for her 31 Days series.

31 days blogging help with tips and tricks - @AndiGould
This post is part of the 31 Days of Helping Other Bloggers series. If you have questions about your blog leave a comment and I will see if I can help you!

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