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31 Days of Helping Other Bloggers: Lower Third, aka News Anchor Name Tag

Building strong relationships with other bloggers is a fabulous! You can get ideas and learn from each other, link up posts together, and collaborate on projects. So why am I talking about a Lower Third today? 

Google+ Hangouts are a great way to interact with your blogging friends! Within the Hangouts you can find a multitude of extensions and apps to better your Hangout experience, one of them being a Lower Third. That is the official title for your name tag making you look all fancy pants with your friends.  So today I'm walking you through setting up your own Lower Third within Google+ Hangouts. 

After several attempts to get a non-glitchy video I decided to just be okay with the glitch. A super fun tutorial to get an awesome Lower Third during hangout chats +other tips! Below the video you will find the written directions and tips too. Enjoy!

ps... I forget to mention in the video, when you start a hangout on air it will NOT be on air until you click "Start Broadcast" button. :)

Lower Third (aka News Anchor Name Tags)
  1. Sign into Google+ account
  2. Hover over menu
  3. Select “Hangouts on Air”
  4. Select “Start a Hangout on Air” (top right corner). This will NOT start a hangout on air, no panicking!
  5. Name your hangout, ie “test”
  6. Select “Start Hangout” button
  7. Hover over the ellipsis icon at the bottom of the icons found on the far left side of the hangout screen
  8. Select “+ Add apps” from the pop out menu
  9. Hover over “Hangout Toolbox”
  10. Select “Add to video call”
  11. After the Toolbox has finished installation select the Toolbox icon
  12. The Toolbox menu will open on the right hand side
  13. Select the first icon, the circle with a man’s silhouette
  14. Tick the on/off switch to the OFF position, located next to the Lower Third title
  15. While the Lower Third is turned off you are able to edit your name, tagline, and the color of your Lower Third.
  16. You also have the ability to upload a logo, or an avatar to match your website.
  17. Once you have all of your options set you can save with a preset name for easy setup during your next Google Hangout!
  18. Tick the Lower Third switch to ON.

  • Mirror local video – Next to the Lower Third switch you can click on the small rotating square icon to see your video feed as others see it.
  • Volume – The second icon in the Hangout Toolbox allows you to control other’s volume (occasionally someone’s mic may be turned up loud).
  • Volume – You also have the option to mute yourself with a pop-up screen to show that you will be right back.
  • Inviting other people into the hangout – The top icon on the left will allow you to add other people who are in your circle to the hangout, but remember only 10 in a single hangout.
  • Chat feature – If you are having technical problems and need to leave everyone a message before exiting the hangout you can do this with the second from top icon on the left.
  • Cameraman – The icon with a camera and a tool on the left will allow you to change the setting for new members to be muted. After three people are in a hangout the standard setting is to mute any new members. Tick the last option to “No” and everyone will have instant volume on your hangout.
  • Effects – The magic wand icon will give you and the other members in your hangout a good laugh! Hats, eyewear, and props are only the beginning for your fun.
  • Don’t forget your ear buds!!! – After several hangouts we have realized that computer mics will pick up feed from the speakers this causes great technical issues. The more ear buds we have the less feedback we get!

 Have fun during your next hangout and let me know if you have any tips to add to this list!

I'm linking up with the Nester for her 31 Days series.

31 days blogging help with tips and tricks - @AndiGould
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