Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Gypsy!

We celebrated Gypsy's fourth birthday with some of her friends this year. She wanted a princess party, I on the other hand am SO over the princess parties.

I got to work right away changing her mind suggesting other party ideas. She loves Jessie from Toy Story. There are tons of cute Jessie party ideas my mind was running wild with, she wasn't having that idea. Then one day while walking out of the library with our usual stash of books including Gypsy's favorite, it hit me, Charlie and Lola!

"Gypsy, would you like a Charlie and Lola party?!" {insert squealing, jumping, clapping} She was ecstatic!

Me:1  Princess party:0

For the party we read some Charlie and Lola books, watched "I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato," played dress up, created our own Soren Lorensen and made butterfly and ladybug finger puppets. For lunch we had moon squirters, green drops from Greenland, cheesy spaceman noodles, ocean nibblers and of course pink milk! The cupcakes turned out just how I imagined them, love when that happens! Soren Lorensen is Lola's imaginary friend. No one can see him, except for Lola. Yet somehow he managed to make his way to Gypsy's party. The goody bags included a game of Flip Flop, a Lola puzzle and some crayons. We all had an exceptionally, really good time!

gypsy's actual real birthday
~  1 bookworm trying to wake up the birthday girl ~ 2 reading her new charlie and lola books ~ 3 measuring tape, yep my kids love their measuring tapes ~ 4 jessie cowgirl hat ~ 5 charlie and lola love ~ 6 her pink huw-we-hoop ~ 7 resting before opening her presents ~

I was so pleased that we were able to give Gypsy all three gifts she had asked for this year, simplicity is joy!

party prep
~ 1 cutie pie coloring her invitations ~ 2 cupcakes ~ 3 invitation middles ~ 4 invitations ~ 5 happy for fondant ~ 6&7 soren lorensen ~ 8 invitation fronts ~ 9 more cupcakes ~

party people
~ 1&2 creating personal soren lorensen ~ 3 woody, jessie and buzz also made an appearance ~ 4 listening to charlie and lola books ~ 

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