Monday, August 01, 2011

Crazy Thoughts When I Can't Sleep at 1:30AM

I got this complementary magazine subscription a few weeks ago. I thought that was nice of the magazine until I realized what it was. It's just the grown-up version of seventeen. It's the "now that you are 30 we thought you might enjoy this magazine," the "you're too old to read seventeen so here, try this on for size," magazine.
Thanks for reminding me that I'm 30.
Then I remembered that my sister turned 16 and I turned 30 in the same year and neither one of us had a party.  Well now I'm having a party, a pity party.
Invitation list: 1
Party time: Now- I'm over it
Party place: Andi Land (aka my head)
I thought a lot about turning 30 last year. I didn't really have a hard time accepting it. I just keep thinking there is so much hype about turning 30 and being old. Should I have had a problem with turning 30? Some days I do feel old, but I think 4 children would do that to anyone. Some days I like being 30, some days I don't. With 3 months left of this thing called 30 I wonder what I will look back on and remember from this year.
I had a baby when I was 30. I am trying to read through the Bible this year for the first time. I am tring to tackle all my unfinished projects My garden is in the cities garden tour. I now need glasses. I finished Kindergarten with Bookworm and will be starting 1st grade with her and a relaxed Kindergarten year with Gypsy. I wonder what else will mark this year. I wonder what I want to mark this year.

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