Friday, June 24, 2011

The Big Reveal

While I still have a few art pieces I want to finish and hang up, the girls room is finished. Thanks to Ana White we were able to build beds and a book shelf for the girls. We used a combination of the Simple Bed plan and the Twin Farmhouse Bed plan for Bookworm's bed and the Trundle Bed plan for Gypsy's bed. The 6 Cube Bookshelf plan is what we used and modified for the bookshelf.

Here is the finished product.

I did more than my fair share of research of how to prepare, paint and seal the furniture but I will spare you the abundance of information. Instead here is a quick overview and then more detailed photos.

  • Sanding (before assembling furniture!) medium grit (60-80), fine grit (120), and finally very fine grit (220). Wipe down with a microfiber cloth in between sanding.
  • Minwax Clear Sanding Sealer (after assembly)- 1 coat 
  • Zinsser Primecoat 2 primer and sealer- 1 coat
  • Glidden Cinnamon Spice (GLN03) satin finish- 1 coat
  • Rub wax (candle sticks work best I hear) along edges where you will later scrape and sand off the paint down to the wax and have magically distressed furniture. This is where I failed myself. I had read about this process years ago and wanted to just have a nice coat of brown paint coming through instead of using acrylic paint on top of my lovely green paint. But alas I forgot the wax step so later on I had to use the acrylic paint after all. :(
  • Glidden New Grass Green (GLG04) satin finish- 3 coats
  • Distress- rub sand paper (I used fine or very fine grit sandpaper) along edges where over time furniture would be bumped. I wanted to distress the furniture because with small children they would do it for me and I didn't want to cry over "messed up" furniture. This is where I realized I had missed the wax step. When I started sanding it went right down to the wood sealer. Had I remembered the wax I would have just scraped the wax off with scrapers or sandpaper.
  • Amsterdam Standard Series Acrylic Burnt Umber- If you chose to use acrylic paint on top of your final color or you are forced to due to baby brain use small paint brushes, q-tips and paper towel to rub and apply the paint to the sanded down areas.
  • Minwax water based Polycrylic Clear Gloss- 2 coats This will give your furniture a nice finished glossy look. If I hadn't been going crazy with all three children in one room, if I hadn't been suffering from cabin fever, if I hadn't been 7 months pregnant and just wanting to be done with the whole thing I may have done 4 coats. The more coats the shinier the finish.

  • Zinsser Primecoat 2 primer and sealer- 1 coat
  • Wall color: Glidden Spring Bluebell (GLB22) satin finish- 2 coats
  • Ceiling color: Glidden Summer Sandcastle (GLC06) flat finish- 2 coats
  • Closet walls: Glidden Powder Pink (GLR 18) semigloss finish- 3 coats  Because we have a "family closet" in our laundry room we moved the girls dress up collection into their closet and wanted to make it special for them. 
  • Base board and trim: I don't know if this is even available anymore Martha Stewart (Sears Brand) Sugar White (H25) semigloss finish- 2 coats  The BEST thing I have ever used for painting is the Wooster Shortcut 2" brush. It is ahh-maze-ing in corners and edges. *swoon*

Room Makeover Price:
  • Paint and supplies $267.74 (this included paint for the walls)
  • Wood $367.23
  • Base board, shoe molding and trim for bookshelf $54.03 (we had some left over from our kitchen remodel so we only had to buy about 10' of base board!)
  • Wainscoting $21.17 (the back of the bookshelf)
  • Hardware $73.27 (nails, screws, wheels, pulls, anchors for the bookshelf, etc.)
  • IKEA $267.04 (mattresses, mirrors and a few other small things)
  • TOTAL $1050.48  

If you are still here, thank you for looking through all our hard work. We are very proud of our project and pleased with the outcome! If you have ANY questions please ask. Good luck with your own project, and leave a link I would love to see your work!

Andi and Brad have been married since 2002. They have five squishers who keep them on their toes. She is a second generation home educator. In her spare time Andi creates and sells handmade goodies in her shop, Andi Gould Designs.

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  1. You guys are too cute! I can't believe you did all of that by hand! I would have just gone to IKEA and bought it all! Or on second though, hire you to do it for me!


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