Sunday, January 16, 2011

Note to Self

I'm here. Still here. No, over hear under the wood, past the saw dust, behind the paint cans....

This has been my life the past two weeks. We are finishing day 12 of this insane project. Who had this brilliant idea anyway?! ME?! Oh yeah, it was me. Well it still is a brilliant idea, maybe just a bit overkill. Three children, 27 weeks pregnant, and half my house is out of use due to remodeling the girls bedroom, um yeah. The word of the day month is OVERKILL!

We started school on Monday. Then we stopped school on Tuesday. The children are out of sorts with less house and I am overwhelmed trying to balance life and the project so school is getting pushed back a week, maybe two.

Reason #84 why homeschooling rocks: flexible schedule.

But this is how Monday morning looked:

I get up and realize I haven't really completely planned for school since we jumped head first started the bedroom makeover. No matter, I can still do this.

Children get up. Breakfast. Get dressed.

I go down to the basement to grab the school stuff. I bring it upstairs and on my way up tell the girls to clean up because we are going to start school. -- Then I hear it. -- Some odd noise coming from their bedroom. -- The bedroom that has just been painted with a fresh coat of paint the day before. -- The girls are in the kitchen cleaning up. -- It must be Monster. -- I turn in the room and see...

Nope, no picture for you because the horror that faced me was too great for me to stop and grab my camera.

I realized later that I reminded myself of Kate Gosselin in the earlier seasons when one or more of the children had made a big mess and she would start in one of her panicy voices "Oh, my WORD. OHHH my WORD." That is all I could say. There stood Monster with pink paint all over his hands, clothes and the paint stick that he was holding. Why did I get him dressed?! And why did I put my favorite shirt of his on him that day?! Along with a really nice pair of jeans? Why did we leave an empty can of paint to dry out IN. THE. HOUSE.???

Note to Self: You have an 18 month old BOY living in your home!!!!!

I took his paint covered pants and diaper off. {how he managed to get paint on his BumGenius diaper I still don't understand} I put him in the tub. Washed his hands and then took his shirt off and started cleaning that. Meanwhile the girls keep asking when we are going to start school and what did Monster do and I just kept up with my, "Oh my WORDs." I finally stopped rubbing the paint because I was afraid it was going to just get worse. I got a new diaper for Monster and strapped him in his high chair. Poor Gypsy was so looking forward to school she just kept asking me when we were going to start.

I turned to the trusty internet to see what to do. Acetone or Mineral Spirits seemed to be my best option. I started with the acetone. It took care of most of the paint, Praise God! Then I started using the mineral spirits because the acetone seemed like it was doing something funny to the screen print on the shirt. Then the smell started getting to me so I put them in the wash. There are still a few tiny spots I want to see if I can get out, but they have been hanging on the line waiting for me to deal with them because once the paint was mostly out we had our morning of school and then I went back to the project.

I just kept telling myself that it could have been worse. He could have eaten the paint, or wiped it all over the walls {not sure how he only got paint on himself and our "painting chair"}, or he could have wiped it all over the furniture and the girls might have just joined in.

Note to Self: You have an 18 month old BOY living in your home!!!!!

To date 
the room is painted
new trim is nailed up and ready to be painted
the doors have been stripped of all old paint and are waiting for the spring when they will be stained
the wood is all cut AND sanded for the beds and the bookshelf
the head board and foot board of Simple Bed are assembled

Tomorrow the building will really start and hopefully be finished so that Tuesday the long tedious painting can begin. For now I am off to bed looking forward to building in the morning! 

Andi and Brad have been married since 2002. They have five squishers who keep them on their toes. She is a second generation home educator. In her spare time Andi creates and sells handmade goodies in her shop, Andi Gould Designs.

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  1. ah, yes. alex constantly did things {and still does from time to time} that left me with the Kate Gosselin "OH....MY! HELP!" quotes. LOL It's all a part of the ride.


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