Friday, December 10, 2010


Some people get a high form cooking or shopping. I get it from organizing. Call me a nerd but it comes naturally and I enjoy it! A friend told me I should start blogging about all my organization tips I use around my house. The problem is I don't see them as "tips" I see them as, well, as nothing. It doesn't occur to me that I may be in the minority to reorganize my linen closet on a regular basis or have all my flatware lined up neat and tidy. I just do it because that is how I function.

Tonight I was catching up on some blog reading and Lori got me thinking. Maybe I should stop and think about some of the things I do that may not come naturally to everyone. She was talking about ways to keep her schedule in order and this is what I told her.

google calendar. 

I can have different calendars (life, school, bills, menu, even tv show reminders!) all set to send me my daily schedule on my phone via text. I can text appointments or reminders to my calendar so I never forget anything. After I have everyone buckled when leaving the library I send a text to my calendar before I leave the parking lot "library 13 items due dec 23." I haven't had a late fee in over a year! My calendar is set up to remind me of appointments two days in advance so I never forget about a doctor appointment or those library books! And I can print off the calendars. Just the menu to hang in the kitchen. Or mine, hubby's and the tv schedule so we don't over book anything. And each calendar can have a different color to keep everything festive.

I know I sound like an ad for google but this calendar keeps me organized!

 I think that is my biggest organizational tip. I know I have more but I use it every day, multiple times a day. And just for fun, here are my utensil drawers crumbs and all!

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  1. you have to give me more!!! every time i hear about something you've done i think "wow, she's brilliant!" keep those tips coming to those of us aren't quite sure where we put the stamps!


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