Friday, December 24, 2010

Minivan Express

 Brad and I were getting the children ready for bed when Gypsy went to put her dolls on her bed and discovered something shiny sticking out from under her pillow. I found her standing in her dark room examining the ticket. I turned the light on and asked what she found. "A ticket," she replied. Bookworm figured out something was going on and was excited Gypsy had a special ticket that was found in her bed. We asked her if she had one in her own bed, she said no but then ran to check. They both started jumping around and went to look in Monster's bed and found one for him. Gypsy started making train noises, how she jumped from ticket to train so fast I can only attest to The Henry Ford and Thomas and Friends.

Stickers, Glow-in-the-Dark bracelets, snacks and juice boxes were all waiting for the children in the Minivan Express. Christmas music was playing and I had my special punch for the tickets. Bookworm wanted me to punch her name like in the Polar Express, sorry cutie my punch isn't that magical. 

Here are a few houses we saw. Brad and the girls were really excited to see the Snoopy Snow Machine. Brad because it brought back childhood memories and the girls, well, they just love Charlie Brown.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that next year when they find these golden tickets under their pillows, squeals and jumping will soon follow. 

Andi and Brad have been married since 2002. They have five squishers who keep them on their toes. She is a second generation home educator. In her spare time Andi creates and sells handmade goodies in her shop, Andi Gould Designs.

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