Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Advent Calendar

We are over half way through our advent calendar. Each day the girls pick an ornament to hang on our advent tree and I pick an activity from my list that we do as a family. Every day Bookworm asks, "Mumma, what are we doing on your special list?!"

Here is My Special List for you to copy or take ideas that you would like to do. There are very few items on the list that are restricted to a specific date, everything else is up for grabs. This makes it possible for me to pick an easy activity like coloring pictures for our Compassion children when we have a full evening.

 I taped a page protector to the front of an envelope to store the list. In the envelope I keep the ornaments, coloring pictures, tickets and any other little items that are needed for different activities.

Here are some links for some of our activities:

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