Saturday, December 05, 2009

Long Winter Part II

I have been plotting this post for weeks... Most days I have just lacked in the motivation a few days I lacked in the time. ;) While sitting here folding diapers and putzing around on the web I decided now is better than never.

1. ICE
I have been reading about an idea I had last year on a few blogs. Colored Ice! Simple, quick and FUN! Last year Bookworm and I made red, yellow and blue ice (just fill up your ice trays with water and food coloring). We charted what happened to the ice as it melted. I did this to teach her how to make secondary colors. We started with a red cube and a yellow cube. She was able to play with the ice in a closed zip-top bag for a little while before it started to melt and the colors started to blend into my favorite, orange!

Another thing I've been reading about is something I have been waiting since last year to do with the girls. We made a red and green countdown paper chain for Christmas. Every day we take a link off and have a Christmas Adventure! Some of our adventures will include: watching a Christmas movie and eating popcorn, making ornaments and reading a Christmas book. I'll post the entire list of our adventures later. It has been so fun the past few days having an adventure as a family during my favorite part of the year.

I just came across a challenge I think I may be up for. Reading 100 books in a month. My girls L.O.V.E. to read. We went to the library on Tuesday to get some more Christmas books and walked away with 60 books. The guy behind me asked if I was a teacher! I said, "I homeschool." :)

I am now going to fill you in on what has been going on around our Crazy Castle.

Friday I put Monster in the exersaucer so I could make lunch. I knew Bookworm  was in his room playing with him and could hear that she had turned on the music on his swing. When I went to get him I found Alice (Bookworm 's Bitty Baby) sleeping in the swing, lights and music on, covered with Monster s blanket while eating up the batteries in the swing! I laughed and turned it all off but didn't have time to put Alice in her own bed. When I went back in there later to get a diaper I almost had a heart attack from seeing a baby in the swing when I knew I had just left Monster in the other room!

Earlier this week Monster was playing on the floor in our living room and Bookworm  and Gypsy started playing with him. The next thing I saw was them "wrapping" him up in the blanket he was lying on and calling him "Baby Jesus." Bookworm  and Gypsy were taking turns being Mary and the Angel!

We had a wonderfully busy Thanksgiving weekend. B's sister and her family from Rhode Island were here. His parents stayed with us. My brother was home for the week. We gave my mom a surprise birthday party on Friday. Had lunch with some friends from Ohio on Saturday. We dedicated Monster on Sunday and then had the ENTIRE family back to our house for lunch. It was all wonderful but busy.

We also found out that B's brother and his wife are parents!!! I am SOOOO EXCITED!!! My kids won't be able to babysit for their kids like they have joked about for years. Monster and their new squisher will be a year apart, HOORAY! Hooray for another baby!

Now I'm off to watch Blake Lively, I *heart* SNL!

Andi and Brad have been married since 2002. They have five squishers who keep them on their toes. She is a second generation home educator. In her spare time Andi creates and sells handmade goodies in her shop, Andi Gould Designs.


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