Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tot School Tuesday

Bookworm is 38 months and Gypsy is 18 months

The past two weeks of Tot School have just been Tot School, no themes, no intentional teaching just school. The girls have been doing well picking different activities off the shelves and cleaning up after they finish. Gypsy needs encouragement and sometimes there is great kicking and screaming while having to stop an activity to go back and clean up after herself. I did discover the other day as long as I sing the Clean Up song she will help but the second I stop singing she stops picking up!
Clean up, clean up,
Everybody everywhere.
Clean up, clean up,
Everybody do your share.

It is stuck in my head all day long on top of random Sesame Street and Raffi songs!

Gypsy is doing well pouring, she loves this activity.

Bookworm can't get enough of the bouncy ball activity. I feel bad taking it off the shelf because she has so much fun with it.

Gypsy doesn't like using her rug very much. She fights me on sitting down for an activity but will joyfully complete the same activity at their little table.

Can you tell which is the more strong willed child?! The fun we have to look forward to with this one. :D

She did sit down with me on her mat to play with the big box of blocks. But this was one kicking and screaming episode when clean up happened!

And had to take some to the table just to prove her point.

Guess which activity is now being fought over?!

Gypsy just discovered it the other day but I was pleased that they actually were fine taking turns using the cute magnets. I have another set I need to pull out then they can want both sets instead of each having one!

We all three played the Candy Land Castle game.

I think we got this game before Gypsy as born. Bookworm loved pulling the candy cane lever and matching the pieces to the board. Gypsy also loves pulling the lever but doesn't enjoy matching them the same way. I was surprised they took turns, both matched pieces and had fun the whole time. I don't remember any crying and I know there was no pieces being thrown across the room! We did change the rules a bit. When the piece you pull out doesn't match any on your gingerbread person board you are supposed to put it back in the castle. Instead we put it on another board if someone needed it.

We have been playing games as a family much more. I love games (which I have posted about before) and I love it even more that my girls are able to join us now and they are having fun too! Bookworm loves going down to the game closet and picking out a game for us to play.

Cooking together (and yes Gypsy is eating off the knife, I couldn't get her to stop! I see sword swallowing in her future....)

Music and Movement

Gypsy was trying to carry all six ribbons and three bean bags!

Bingo Dabber

Squishy Bags (shaving Cream and a dab of paint)

I was surprised the cream lasted all day inside the bags. It wasn't as fluffy at the end of the day as pictured but still squishable.

Color Forms and Foam Puzzles

I got these puzzles at a garage sale last summer and have seen several other blogs saying they recently purchased the same ones at the Dollar Tree, in case you would like the same.

Wee Wedgits one of Gypsy favorites!

Block Land (Bookworm was making a piano)

Chess with Daddy

She feels so big when she colors just like Bookworm.


Here is the picture I was able to sneak in and get while they were both sleeping in their beds!


Since we are currently receiving the last dregs of winter I grabbed some black paper and magnifine glasses to look at snowflakes.


This past Saturday I went to a few Mom-to-Mom sales. I haven't been to one in almost a year! I made off with some great finds!!!! I got a bunch of clothes for our little boy. I also found some great school finds and this:


Gypsy watched Bookworm once and then climbed on and started spinning herself. I was a bit disappointed that there is a button on top that plays music. I prefer them to play with their imagination, they are stimulated enough without more music. But for $3.00 I couldn't pass it up. Then after they were both trying to get a turn I realized

one song = one turn

Brilliant! I guess stimulation isn't always a bad thing.

This was the rest of the school finds I got (plus a Light Bright Cube) for a total of $19.75!!! (this stash would have been over $100 brand new)

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