Monday, April 13, 2009

Just Like Mumma

I mentioned in my last post how much I love my baby carrying pouch, but I can't use it for long periods of time. It starts to pull on my shoulders and back. I was reading a new post on The Cloth Diaper Whisper about slings. She mentioned she uses a Moby Wrap. I have wanted to carry my babies for longer periods of time but just couldn't bear the pain. I think this could be the answer.

I have been looking around at different brands and checking out all kinds of how-to-wear videos on YouTube about these wraps today. This morning I was watching some videos and the girls both ran over to watch with me (any thing to watch "TV," right?!). Bookworm asked what they were doing in the videos. I told her that they were using a baby wrap, something I would use to help carry Monster once he is born.

A little while later she ran and grabbed her blanket and told me (in Elmo's World fashion), "This is how I use a baby wrap." I tied her blanket for her and she ran to get her baby to wear. Of course Gypsy had to join in on the baby wearing fun!

I will be off to my local Joann store to pick up some fabric to make my own Moby style wrap.

Andi and Brad have been married since 2002. They have five squishers who keep them on their toes. She is a second generation home educator. In her spare time Andi creates and sells handmade goodies in her shop, Andi Gould Designs.


  1. i have a Moby that you are more than welcome to borrow. it's a muted teal color. i used it a little with James, but i ended up just carring him around most of the time because he was so tiny. let me know if you want to borrow it. -jennie (from mommy group with Lori; she has my phone number)


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