Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Sorry...

...but, for real?!

I am about to buy more diapers for Monster and have been looking at different websites. I think I will go with the same shop I bought from last time, but I just want to make sure I have the best price. I am also looking for some diaper cream that is safe for cloth diapers which is how I ended up at the site where I found the The Babykeeper For Public Restrooms by Mommysentials.

So really if you have time to hang your baby from the stall walls why are you not just wearing your kid?! I love my pouch and Brad loves our Bjorn we wear our kids. I am wondering how many parents have time and energy to carry this thing with them and then whip it out to use while you or your three-year-old is about to pee their pants.

Just wear your kids!

It gets better. There are testimonials on the site!

I was one of the lucky ones to use a prototype of the Babykeeper. The first time I used it I was at Costco with my three-year-old and my nine-month-old. My older son had to use the restroom and I needed both hands to help him. I strapped the baby into the Babykeeper and hung him on the stall. I wanted to cry with joy at how much easier the Babykeeper made what used to be a stressful event. Thank you Mommysentials! -Kelli E.

It is a great invention! Do they make them for husbands? -Betsy G.

Then it goes on to explain how the inventors (two sisters) developed this item.

She found herself needing to use a public restroom with her baby in tow, and realized there was no safe and sanitary place to put her.

Reading the reviews and then the reasoning behind this contraption led me to one thought.

I don't know when the last time was that you were in a Costco bathroom, but I was in there last week. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SANITARY PLACE IN THOSE BATHROOMS.

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