Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tot School

The last center I worked was in no way a Montessori school. The more I learn about Montessori the more I realize how much it influenced the curriculum at the my last center. I'm learning that there was more intention behind what I did in my classroom than I even knew. Montessori has intrigued me since college when I went to observe a Montessori preschool center. Now that I am intentionally teaching Bookworm and Gypsy at home I am looking into some of the methods more and enjoying how much purpose is behind all they do and teach.

I have read the Four Little Penguin blog for some time now. Recently she has switched over to a Montessori feel for her children. Last night I spent some time reading her recent posts again and reading recent posts of some blogs that influenced her decision. I got a few activities together this morning and we had Tot School after lunch.

Bookworm wanted to do every activity two times! She loved pouring the dried noodles back and forth between the cups. Her tweezer skills were awesome! I definitely need to find an alternative for the clothes pins. While she can pinch them open clipping them onto the bowl while pinching them was a challenge. I think a challenge that is a bit too soon. She was so excited to make "her L" on the white board.

We also made an Alien A which I found over here.

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