Thursday, November 01, 2007

My Wonderful Autumn

I love Autumn! It is a hard to say which I love more Autumn or Christmas. I love that they are back-to-back it makes for a wonderful few months. This year I have been having a hard time getting into the "fall mood." All my fall decorations were packed away with our kitchen stuff and I couldn't get anything out. So we went to the apple orchard and B made me a leaf cookie for my birthday. I made a fall wreath for our front door and I was able to finally get my fall decorations out when the kitchen was finished. All of these things have helped get me into the "fall mood."

Sunday after church B and I were talking with some friends and our kids were playing in the hallway right by us. B leans over to me and says, "It's started." My friend asked what had started and I couldn't tell her because I didn't know. I guessed he meant Little Bo Peep playing with the other kids but then I found out what he meant. Little Bo Peep and THREE other girls were all playing with ONE boy! B meant that she was starting to play with boys and LIKE THEM!

Sunday afternoon we had a Trunk-or-Treat at our church. Things were winding down and there were a few kids playing in one of the classrooms. Little Bo Peep was following J (the little boy from the morning) around like a puppy. So I asked J if I could take his picture for Little Bo Peep (she has been learning people's names by looking at their pictures). When we got home I was sitting with Little Bo Peep on our bed showing her the pictures I had taken at the Trunk-or-Treat. Every time she saw J's picture she would get a big smile on her face, squeal and flop backwards on the bed. She was like a little school girl! It was too funny.

Then yesterday morning when I went into her room after she woke up the first thing out of her mouth, "Where's J?" Yesterday was Wednesday we hadn't talked about him since Monday when we were looking at the pictures again! I think she must have been dreaming about him..... Oh, to be young and in love....

With today being the first day of November there are only 16 more days of Fall in our house. When B and I were first married we didn't have a Christmas tree. I had talked to his mom about this and she knew how sad I was about the lack of Christmas decorations we had. That November B's parents were coming out to our apartment so B and his mom could do some Christmas shopping and his dad could meet up with a friend for the Big Game (OSU vs. Michigan). Which means it was the third Saturday of November. B's mom brought over a mini Christmas tree with some other decorations she didn't use anymore. I was so excited! While everyone was gone I decorated the apartment. When B came home we were ready for Christmas! The following year B went with his dad to watch the game so I again decorated for Christmas. Since then I have decorated for Christmas the third Saturday of November, except the year we moved into our house because we moved in on the third Saturday of November (I then went crazy not being able to decorate until a few days before Christmas). So I now have 16 more days til I get to decorate for Christmas! I am so excited! I LOVE FALL!!!

Andi and Brad have been married since 2002. They have five squishers who keep them on their toes. She is a second generation home educator. In her spare time Andi creates and sells handmade goodies in her shop, Andi Gould Designs.


  1. You made that wreath?? I am impressed. Was it a lot of work?? How much do you think it cost to make it? I want something like it with red/cranberry colored berries. -Marie
    p.s. I'm with you on Fall and Christmas. It's my favorite time of year and it compels me to bake and eat hot food. However, I can't believe WNIC is already playing Xmas music! I thought they started the day after Thanksgiving.

  2. I'm working on a wreath with the cranberies right now for winter! I'll post a picture when I'm done. It cost about $20ish, but I got it the supplies at a discount store over by Lakeside Mall. WNIC started playing Christmas music November 1st last year. They play a song every other to every four regular songs until after Thanksgiving.

  3. Aaaah, young love! LOL Kirsten still does that with the boys - it's too cute!

    Hey, I'm "tagging" you to post 7 random things about yourself! Then "tag" 7 others, if you'd like! :) See my blog for my randomness - I was "tagged" too!


  4. Andi, I am your great aunt Sonia. I believe I've figured that right.(Your grandfather Hatmaker's sister.) I check your blogs frequently and enjoy them so very much. You have a beautiful family. Keep "blogging."


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