Friday, September 28, 2007

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

So before I start my jumble of thoughts I googled "Yadda Yadda Yadda" and it took me to a dictionary website:
yadda yadda yadda

yad·da yad·da yad·da or ya·da ya·da ya·da



vacuous chatter: boring trite superficial unending talk
just a lot of yadda yadda yadda on the talk shows tonight



used as filler or indicator: used in speaking as a filler for unstated material or to indicate boredom or distaste for things others are saying or have said
We chewed it over forever ... yadda yadda yadda, nothing important.

Okay so I have 18 hours til I get to the hospital cause at this point I really don't think oldilocks wants to come out on her own. I feel like I'm going crazy today. I just keep thinking about tomorrow. I didn't want to be induced after my experience with Little Bo Peep. On Wednesday when I went in to see my doctor she started looking at the calendar for this coming Monday which is October 1 because she won't let me go more than one week overdue. I stopped her right there and told her I couldn't have another October birthday, 5 in the family is more than enough. She looked at me and asked, "You're a natural girl right?" I said yes and then she asked, "So you know what that means if you don't want an October birthday?" I said yes so that is why I'm being induced tomorrow morning. So now I can't stop thinking about tomorrow. Will I have the same experience as last time? Will it go as fast? There is too much unknown about a scheduled delivery!

I'm so glad she is going to be born in the fall. I love the fall, it is my favorite time of the year. I can wear a sweater or sweatshirt, I get to pull out my vests, jeans come out of hiding, my favorite colors are all around and I can still wear flip-flops! I'm so glad I will have this connection with Goldilocks. We will both have birthdays in the fall and we can never have a pool party for our birthday! (That was the only thing I hated about my birthday growing up.) Little Bo Peep and I have the first born connection so I'm glad Goldilocks and I will have the fall birthday thing.

I've also been thinking about our house today. I guess it is a bit of nesting at the last minute. So I did a last load of laundry. I gave the hermit crabs food and fresh water. And later tonight B is going to put our dining room table back in the dining room and the old fridge will be leaving tonight!!!!! The kitchen and part of the basement will be the only part of the house still turned upside down when I come home from the hospital.

The Office on NBC started last night! It was so great! Michele how much did you pee your pants? NBC Thursday Nights are really the only TV B and I will be watching this year (since LOST doesn't start until February). Now I say B and I because I watch other shows (mostly reality TV) but I watch most of it on my own. B calls me a reality TV junkie and I think he is right!

So anyway last night it came to a commercial and I muted the TV and I heard something in Little Bo Peep's room. I thought to myself, "That sounded like a toy falling." I went to check on her and there she was standing at the edge of her bed playing with puzzle pieces! She had pulled out a puzzle and was bringing all the pieces to her bed. So of course I went into "mom-mode." "What are you doing? Put those back and get into bed." She picked them up and walked back to her puzzle and started to put it back together! I marched her back to bed laid her down and told her to "Go to sleep." We didn't hear anything else from her. B blames me for this. He said he was a very obedient child, where I got out of bed ALL the time when I was little. When I was about four my mom found me pinned between my dresser and the edge of my four poster bed. I had climbed up my dresser drawers to get something off the top and it tipped over and pinned me there. I didn't cry my mom has no idea how long I was there she just found me when she walked by my room. But that gives you an idea of what I did after bed time and I'm sure Little Bo Peep is right behind me.

On Wednesday Little Bo Peep fell down the stairs. I was in the basement but not by the stairs. I told B it was like slow motion for me. I heard a sound and thought, "I wonder what that is.... it sounds like something on the stairs.... Little Bo Peep is on the stairs.... Little Bo Peep just fell down the stairs...." I turned around and there she was pushing herself up off the floor and finally starting to cry. Based on what I heard I think she fell about five or six steps which isn't too bad but still a lot for her. I picked her up and we started looking her over. All that happened was a big rug burn on her nose. I had her dancing to make sure she was moving fine and B made her climb the stairs to get her over any fear. What perfect timing, her first fall down the stairs right before her first time being a big sister with all those pictures! It is looking SOOOOO much better already. We have been putting Aquaphor on it since Wednesday night and now Res-Q Ointment. It may be hardly noticeable by tomorrow for all these pictures, I hope so.
This is today, looking about 50% better!
About ten minutes after she fell B's sister M called to see how everything was going. This was only ironic because her son W just fell down the stairs on Sunday and had to get three stitches! So she knew just what we were going through.

Here is a video of Little Bo Peep dancing. The other day my sister was showing her how to "Shake her bottom." Lil' Sis put her hands on Little Bo Peep's hips and was moving them side to side. So now when you ask her to "shake her bottom" she grabs her hips and starts rocking side to side!
Dancing Machine

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  1. so cute andi. is that you talking on the video? its funny - i think her and emma wouild get along great - dancing and looking at themselves in the camera :)

    i was induced both times and made it okay. you will probably go really fast once you are actually in labor. that "actually getting in labor" part is what took the longest, for me anyways. good luck, girl! mine were both unscheduled so...i can't imagine being able to think about it. :) tell brad to take good care of you!


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