Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Yesterday I finally got around to hanging up Little Bo Peep's new IKEA shelf. I was so excited to have it up now I just have to finish the frames and hang those up and her room will be done (for now). After I finished hanging the shelf I went to a friend's house for a Journey meeting (the children's program at church). I needed to call B to ask about a date on our calendar and he informed me that I had permanently screwed OPEN Little Bo Peep's pocket door in her room!!!!! [img][/img] I had drilled right into the door since it was tucked away in her wall, out of sight out of mind (especially when that mind is pregnant)! So B hung a sheet over the door so she could sleep, and this morning she had so much fun going in and out of her room using her special door from Daddy.
So today I had to take the shelf down to investigate. Fortunately, for me, I just need two shorter screws to go in front of the door. I will also need some wood putty and another paint job on the pocket door to cover up the two 5/16" holes I made during this fiasco. So back to Lowe's to get some shorter screws and back to being the humble do-it-yourself handy girl.
Little Bo Peep has been growing more and more independent since the day she was born. A few months ago she wouldn't eat her dinner. After B and I had both tried and both became VERY FRUSTRATED a thought popped into my head.
Our friend Becca had told me a story about her son J (whom Little Bo Peep is very much like in personality). They had been at Dairy Queen and he started having a fit about eating his ice cream. They finally realized he just wanted to feed himself. After that he was fine.
So I jumped up and grabbed a special spoon I had just bought that is supposed to help toddlers learn to self-feed. I handed it to her and she ate the rest of her dinner with no crying. Since then she has been helping us (or should I say we have been helping her...) eat almost everything. The past week we have been giving her more opportunities to feed herself without any help. Today she ate almost all of her oatmeal without any help from me!

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