Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Finished

B and I were racing to see who could finish Harry Potter first and the winner got to read book seven first. Well he totally beat me. (I gave him a boost by letting him listen to the book on CD I got from the library... why did I do that?) So I finished today. I feel such a let down. I told B I remember feeling this way the last time I finished book six. I just feel like, "that's it? she doesn't have anything else to say right now?" I wonder if it is because you don't really see what is going to happen over the summer. Every other book gives you a glimpse of what will happen before you see Harry again and this time she didn't really do that, in a way but not really. So now I have to wait til Saturday to see just what happens. I don't even know what to expect. I think that is a good thing because at least it won't be let down.
The movie was a let down.... book five was my favorite, I think I expected too much of the movie. I enjoyed the movie, but was disappointed all the same. The house was one of my favorite parts of the book and they hardly touched on the house. I also loved how much Harry was with Sirius. You barely saw them have a relationship in the movie! Oh well, I am just going to have to figure out how to separate the movies from the books. I have never had a hard time separating movies from books before, but i have a really hard time with Harry Potter.

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