Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kids Are So Funny

I was talking to my sister tonight via IM and she told me about something that happened on Sunday at Little Bo Peep's dedication:
"Sunday Little Bo Peep's friend M walked up front by where we were sitting...and he saw her and he was just staring at her. And his mom came up and said she's trying 2 teach him how to say Little Bo Peep's nick name and he says it like 'Oreo.'"

I think that is so funny and sweet!

Then I told her what happened today when Marlena brought R over:
"When R came over today Little Bo Peep was talking to her so much but R doesn't talk a whole lot yet. So I have Little Bo Peep's play yard set up downstairs right now and we put R in the Exersaucer right next to it. Little Bo Peep stood at the edge the whole time talking to R and trying to share her toys with R. But R wouldn't take them because she doesn't know Little Bo Peep is trying to share and couldn't reach anyway. So Little Bo Peep was just sharing with me instead. Then Little Bo Peep went upstairs to eat her dinner and R started crying because she didn't have anyone to play with anymore."

I wish I had thought to grab my camera when they were both staring at each other today, it would have been great! Next time!

And if you know the answer to this riddle I'll give you a BIG prize!!!

~What walks on one leg in the morning?
~What walks on two legs in the afternoon?
~What walks on three legs at night?

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