Monday, October 23, 2006

R and Little Bo Peep

Our church is starting a new session for small groups this Wednesday. But the last session we were in our friends group. Dave, Marlena, B and I all went to Tyndale together. College is were we met and fell in love. And now we both have little girls who are only six months apart in age and we are at the same church. It is so great to have this friendship with people we have know for several years and are in the same part of life together. We loved being a part of their group and were sad when that session ended, but we still get together and see them outside of church.

Marlena and I are on the children's ministry team together and head up the 2-4 year old room together. So on Friday she and R came over so we could go over some things. While she was here I took R's three month pictures (these are my favorites).

Create Your Own!

Other than burning my arm in the oven we had a great time and then Dave came over for dinner. Little Bo Peep wanted so much to play with R. She was trying to pull her down so she could hold her. She kept touching her hair and holding her hand. It was so cute. In a few months they will have so much fun together. The crazy thing is that I never pulled the camera out to take a picture of the girls. So yesterday at church Dave took their first picture together. He also took a great picture of Little Bo Peep in the nursery with her new friend M. M and his parents have been coming to Paradox the past few weeks and are staying. They are really enjoying everything. M just turned one on Saturday and loves music just like Little Bo Peep. So they were dancing together at the piano.

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  1. I can't help but think our girls are super cute! :-) Love the new pictures of Rori's birthday party :-)


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