Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I just finished the slideshow from the beach trip (it's under the beach trip post).

Last week on one of the last warm days of the summer I took Little Bo Peep out to get her picture in her grandma's dress. Jeanne wore this dress when she was little and Little Bo Peep's cousin A had her picture taken in it last year. Every granddaughter will have her picture taken in the dress and then it will be given to K (the dress was not in Jeanne's possession until it was far too late for K to wear). Maybe she will keep it for her daughters or maybe she will turn it into a handkerchief to hold in her bouquet on her wedding day. Until then it is sweet for Jeanne's granddaughters to wear this dress.

For those who did not know Little Bo Peep is now eating solid food. She is loving her independence. I am not loving her picking things up off the floor and thinking it is one of her fruit puffs.

B and I have been bringing Little Bo Peep's Pack-n-Play into our room so she can play and we can have a few minutes to relax. She has so much fun playing with her toys and peeking up to say, "Hi!"

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