Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh Michigan, what will we wear tomorrow?

Tonight we had another great BBQ on our new patio. Tom and Jeanne wanted to get together with some friends who happen to go to church with us so we offered to host the dinner at our house. Since we live in Michigan and it's summer we obviously need to wear parkas. It has been so nice all week and of course tonight ends up being quite chilly.
Poor Jeremy couldn't get warm. He should have squeezed between Renee and Jen.

Andy was somehow not affected by the cool air.

Little Bo Peep was just passed around and snuggled under blankets.

Tom looks like a little old man sitting between Brad and Joe.

Andi and Brad have been married since 2002. They have five squishers who keep them on their toes. She is a second generation home educator. In her spare time Andi creates and sells handmade goodies in her shop, Andi Gould Designs.


  1. i think that's the best picture of loralei and i that has been taken so far! i love it!!!

    great bbq by the way!

  2. I think I may use it for the "first visitor" picture.


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